"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg

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"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg is a traditional native Mingyue Mountain scenic spot for about one hundred years. The product uses the hot water rich hot springs natural unique and not hardenedlead-free preserved technology, through high temperature cooking molding, ancestral secret recipe combined with modern technology, through 18 strict procedure and refined, do real lead-free production process. Thepreserved egg salted egg yolk protein like, like, there are both preserved egg and salted egg flavor, delicious,and Marinated Egg fragrance, famous for its delicious taste has multiple.

"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg

Five advantages:

1 using the Mingyue Mountain surrounding ecological release to the wild Salted Duck Egg as main raw material;

2 content higher in duck

3 using lead-free technology not hardening curing, like salty duck's egg, do real lead-free production process;

4 Jiangxi province salt preserved egg industry was the first high standard of enterprise

       5 selenium salt preserved egg industrialization initiative Enterprises.

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