Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring

Release time:2016-12-19 15:28:37


    Jiangxi Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort is a five star standard flagship store of Zhuhai Tianmu group. Tianmu hot spring resort is located in the hot springs country, Wengtang town, Yichun City, Jiangxi province with the scenery beautiful national forest park and national AAAAA class tourist scenic spot, it has more than 2000 years history of geothermal hot spring, with the features of low salinity, low sodium, high selenium and metasilicic acid high content etc, is the rare Se-enriching hot spring both at home and abroad, drinkable and bathable, and known as "the first Chinese selenium hot spring ".


     In the open-air hot spring area nestling in the green mountains of Jiangxi Mingyuan Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort, crisscrossed with more than eighty clear and different shapes and different functions characteristic hot spring bathes, like a jade belt among the mountains. Mingyue Mountain open-air area is divided into ten major regions, Chinese herbal medicine series of Tai Chi eight recuperation soups, Tianmu characteristic pool, beauty maintaining and young keeping series of the four beauties emollient soup, SPA hydrotherapy series of SPA club, hot spring and sauna and hot spring infinity pool, the five elements of heaven and earth area, the history and culture series of bamboo forget bathing area, Mingyue creek area, landscape jungle area, dynamic water park and celestial body area. Tianmu Mingyue Mountain hot spring resort specially designed "drifting snow pool", "hot spring and cold fog", "salt mist bath", and the nature worship "celestial body bath", the cool and cold fog which is made of hot spring water, mixing with the fragrance of nature flowers and plants essence, spraying on the lawn paths, under the pavilion eaves and among the mountains, just like the fairyland on earth, a cool feeling of autumn can be given to people in one instant, the created surreal natural landscape may be rated as an unique; the dynamic water leisure sports, ocean wave pool, raft slide, backset pool and hot spring underwater fitness, making the tourists feel the water infinite innervation between dynamic and static, with the cool and comfortable, and enjoy lots of fun of Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring all the year around. 

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