Mingyue Bay selenium hot spring center

Release time:2016-12-19 15:30:29

The business area of Mingyue Bay selenium hot spring center is more than 20 thousand square meters, can accommodate more than 1500 guests, is a comprehensive health spa center integrated with SPA treatments, rehabilitation, leisure and recreation &tourism and vacation. The hot spring is collected from the pure natural groundwater well which is rich in high content of selenium minerals, which have significant health and care functions of cancer prevention and anti-tumor for human bodies, in addition to contain selenium, also contain bromine, iodine, metaphosphoric acid and other multiple trace elements and minerals. In which more than eighty distinctive and different efficacies multifunctional automatic hydraulic massage pools, dipping baths and general nutritional steaming bath rooms are set up indoor and outdoor, as well as the rare bamboo and stone forest hot springs, twenty-six luxurious SPA physiotherapy rooms, Southeast Asian style white sand cafeteria, make you fully feel the intimate contact with nature and distinguished service in this hot spring travel.


All the pools in Mingyue Bay selenium hot spring center are directly supplied with hot spring water, which is used after cooling, and without any heat treatment. Bubble massage water beds, needling bath, gooseneck bath, lumbar massage bath and other more than ten types of international advanced hot spring physiotherapy equipments are installed in the indoor hot spring area, as well as salt bath, steam bath and sauna......Open-air hot spring area and Banshan hot spring area are planned with a number of more than eighty. There are also VIP chartered rooms which are provided to high end clients for enjoying private space(outdoor open air pool and indoor multifunctional luxurious pool) and SPA care and all kinds of massages and pedicures etc.


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