Tianmu Lost City

Release time:2016-12-19 15:43:34


Tianmu Lost City is located in the Wentang town, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, is under the jurisdiction of Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring holiday resort, is one of the  ultra-large type water theme parks in East China, the total floor area is 90 thousand square meters, the total investment is 200 million, based on the advantaged green natural space of Tianmu hot spring, takes pursuing the people's healthy life as the aim, and is a large-scale water theme amusement park integrated with water leisure, entertainment and perfect dining, shopping, accommodation and other multiple supporting facilities.

Lost City was introduced multiple domestic rare water amusement equipments and advanced international technologies, has the area up to 6400 square meters, a 3 meters high huge wave valley adopts the vacuum wave making technology; adventurous tornado; a lazy river with the length up to 550 meters; nearly 20 meters in diameter of UFO; specially designed for children of the ultra-large type puzzling world etc, as well as the fantastic programs performing, at the same time, the lost city relies on the Mingyue Mountain high quality water sources, introduced the domestic first-class water treatment technology, makes various indexes of the water quality are reached national high quality standard ,and let the tourist friends enjoy a reassuring and comfortable playing.

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