“the feast of the moon” feel of the tongue

Release time:2016-12-19 14:53:19

 "Moon banquet" feeling the moon jumping at the tongue tip

      Come on, friends, to feel the bright moon jump at your tongue tip, to experience the "moon banquet" all in Jiangxi Mingyue Mountain international hot spring holiday hotel.

      A small town, nestled at the foot of Mingyue mountain, disseminated in the dim moonlight. Yichun, this pleasant name like spring,with a faint moonlight veil, "Moon" was her maiden name, give you an infinite reverie.

      “Everywhere you can find the moon, but the moon at Yichun is most bright". Looking for the moonb in Spring city, look, the moon, sprinkle with tiny spots of light in the darkness; listen, resonant song, the Moon Festival is in the wonderful stage; Travelling, the winding stone guiding visitors to the top of moon mountain; eat, that full table of “moon scene”, make diners greedy and could not help immediately.

 Ancient cloud: "food and sex is a human nature”,

       As the diet gradually becomes a kind of life style, today, people also give it a lot of cultural meaning and spiritual color. For seven years of the Moon Festival, the Yichun was made into a strong cultural characteristics moon city. Therefore, "eating" in Yichun also appeared to be a warm moonlight.

"The origin of the moon banquet"

      What to eat in Yichun? This is a big problem. It related to Yichun’s characteristics, culture and popularity. As everyone knows, Yichun has "one hill" and "festival", nameed the Mingyue Mountain and the moon culture festival. From the inspiration of smart Yichun people: why Yichun, do not to create a "moon feast" since there is "lamb " in other place ?How good a "moon feast " is! Use the month as the name and reputation,. Behind this poetic name it also contains cultural of the moon. The mixture of diet with the moon culture, make feast a part of the moon culture.

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