Se-enriching hot spring water hairy crab

Release time:2016-12-19 14:55:51


Mingyueshan WenTang Se-enriching hot spring hairy crabs are bred in Pengfangshebu village, which is a long life village in Wentang town at the foot of Mingyue Mountain, and whose flavour is fresh and sweet, meat quality is full and are rich in nutrition.

Se-enriching hot spring water hairy crab with green back, white belly, yellow hair, talon gold and yellow cream, the flavor is fresh and sweet, meat quality is full and is rich in nutrition, and contains a lot of protein and more vitamins and selenium, calcium, zinc, iron and other trace elements. Particularly it is rich in higher selenium content, it is proved by the experts that selenium content up to 86.9 micrograms in each 100 grams of crabs, and has specific function in tumor prevention, detoxification and cancer prevention and improving immunity.

Due to different growth environments of Chinese crab, which is divided into mitten crab, lake crab and river crab etc. At present, it is rare to use spring water for crab culture, and in China there is only one who uses natural pollution-free water Se-enriching spring water for crab culture.

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