Tianmu hot spring resort hotel

Release time:2016-12-19 15:49:30

The large-scale outdoor garden style hot spring leisure tourism resort--Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort in Jiangxi Mingyueshan WenTang hot spring resort invested by Tianmu group according to the four-star hotel standard is located in the beautiful Jiangxi Yichun Mingyue Mountain hot spring scenic area, the resort covers an area of 400 mu, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, is an ideal destination integrated with food, accommodation, playing, entertainment, treating and exercising for your travel and holiday, health care, food and beverage and business conference.

Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort is also established nearly 200 sets of five star special guest rooms on the spring water, noble and elegant, the rooms are designed by adopting the world advanced hot spring geothermal heating, which are comfortable and novel, you can fully feel the warm satisfaction from "green environmental protection air conditioners". Tianmu hot spring resort is still specially established a conference center for the reception of various large, medium and small business meetings, a green dining hall and all kinds of characteristic restaurant comfortable seats even provide the tourists with a place for tasting mountain delicacies, and the characteristic delicacies make the people have much enjoyment and forget leaving.

Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort especially focuses on tapping the hot spring tourism culture, advocating a casual and healthy life concept, highlighting the individualization and family-oriented in services, by using "guests first, advanced, considerate and personalized cordial Service, let every tourist who comes to Tianmu for holiday really close to nature and enjoy life.

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