Wentang grand hotel

Release time:2016-12-19 15:53:46


Wentang grand hotel locates in Jiangxi Yichun Mingyue Mountain scenic area, which is in the center of Wentang market town, about kilometers from Yichun city area. The hotel invested by Xing Fa Industrial Co., Ltd., which is owned by Yichun Sunshine group, the project investment is 173 million Yuan in total. The hotel in line with the purpose of building Mingyueshan WenTang hotel cultural characteristics and taste in the whole construction process, on the bases of energy saving and environmental protection effect from hotel decoration design schemes to selections of related equipments. Mingyue Mountain tourism culture elements are integrated into the whole decoration of the hotel, Chinese decoration style is used, and equipped with redwood furniture with strong Chinese cultural atmosphere serve as a foil to focus on the sublimation of the states of hot spring hotel culture and health preserving culture.

The hotel has the main building, health SPA center and guest room building according to the different functional divisions, the area is more than 10000 square meters in total, equipped with 220 guest rooms, tea ceremony reception center, health music restaurant and health top grade SPA center and other supporting facilities. In order to further improve the operation and management efficiency of the hotel, hotel professional staffs are employed to form a management team, a top management staff with many years of hotel management experience will be in charge of the team, shall strictly make checks on each link of the formulation of hotel design program, style orientation of the dining room, supervision of the site decoration and training of the staff, and strive to create the only one hotel with an unique cultural theme in Wentang and even the whole province.

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