Landscape hot spring sanatorium (Kuang Liao)

Release time:2016-12-19 18:28:16

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Mingyue Mountain landscape hot spring sanatorium of Bureau of Geological and Mineral Resource Prospecting& Development of Jiangxi Province (hereinafter referred to as "Mingyue Mountain Kuang Liao") is located in Yichun Wentang Mingyue Mountain tourism scenic area, covers an area of 4800 square areas, is a multifunctional comprehensive sanatorium integrated with occupational diseases rehabilitation and recuperation, health care, hot spring resort, conference training, business reception and summer vacation etc. Kuang Liao was established in the late 70s, affiliated with the Bureau of Geological and Mineral Resource Prospecting& Development of Jiangxi Province. After more than thirty years of construction and excellent development, it has become one of the most influential units in Wentang area, led the rapid development of the territorial utilization of hot springs and tourism developing, and in the process of which has created their own features and brands.

Kuang Liao is located in the national forest park, where is under the Mingyue Mountain, the trees in the park make a pleasant shade, elegant environment, unique architectural style, rockery fountain and is an provincial landscaping advanced unit. There are 12 various functional buildings, including luxury villas, three star hotel with more than 350 beds, multifunctional conference room, dining room, spa, recreation facilities and leisure square etc. After many years of the development, Kuang Liao has become a major brand of Yichun tourism.

Mingyue mountain spa in order to adapt to the needs of modern hot spring resort leisure and rehabilitation, based on guest room bath, the first Jiangnan indoor hot spring swimming pool and outdoor hot spring bubble pool functional areas have been extended, organically integrated with SPA health hot spring, medicine health care bath and recreation and leisure hot spring, and originally created the hot spring leisure and health new brand. Strolling in Kuangliao, just as walking in the natural oxygen bar, the buildings built in the forest, the spring is in the courtyard, and people live in the landscape. Take a soaking bath with singing birds and fragrant flowers, comfortable and intrigued, refreshing and an endless enjoyment."The landscape is emotional, and hot springs are beneficial", and Kuang Liao people are looking forward to your visit with great passion and top quality service.

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