Chang tears - selenium hot spring series of skin care products

Release time:2016-12-19 15:07:52

Chang tears - selenium hot spring series of skin care products, learn from the moon hill 470 metres below ground "can drink hot spring bath natural selenium, selenium, beauty beauty, unique in the world" by France,carnation (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. the high-end technology and formula for the production, absorption value of pHoptimum for the human body, is the best natural high-grade cosmetics. This product is rich in trace elementsselenium and so on many kinds of beneficial essence, with gentle water, mineral beauty, anti-aging, dilute the fine wrinkles, improve skin relaxation effect, the product is suitable for any skin.

Chang tears selenium hot spring series of skin care products by the Mingyue Mountain TourismDevelopment Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Zhuhai Xinzi Cosmetics Co., Ltd jointly, exquisite packaging, complete category, cheap: Chang tears selenium hydrating spa revitalizing Beauty Suite (five in one equipment, 680 yuan / set), the goddess of the moon tears selenium Spa spray set (three in one pack and 198 yuan / set) and Chang tears selenium spa spray (single bottles, 48 yuan, 68 yuan, 88 yuan / bottle, unequal), a total of threeseries of varieties, is the preferred tourist souvenirs, tourists friends to Mingyue Mountain can be occupied, but also can be used as sent to relatives and friends of jiapin.

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