Se-enriching chrysanthemum tea

Release time:2016-12-19 15:12:28

Se-enriching chrysanthemum is golden yellow chamomile which is the specialty in the mountain area of Mingyue Mountain, and was named because of the favor of the Northern Song Dynasty emperor Song Zhezong, is an indispensable chrysanthemum variety of later generations of imperial gardens. Chrysanthemum planting, picking and processing of Mingyue Mountain area have continued till the present day. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in the process    of Se-enriching chrysanthemum planting, making checks at all levels of the process flow, which makes the baked scented tea lace shining bright, and flavour rich graceful. This is one of the reasons of Mingyun Mountain Se-enriching chrysanthemum is more beautiful and more fragrant than ordinary chrysanthemum.

       Se-enriching chrysanthemum tea is rich in very high drinking value. Making tea with Mingyue Mountaion Se-enriching chrysanthemum, the odor is fragrant, which can relieve summer heat, produce saliva, prevent wind, soothe the throat, raise the eye and dispel the effects of alcohol. Daisy petals contain multi-amino acids, vitamine and trace elements, most of the flavonoids can penetrate into the water in tea drinking. It has the effects of reducing blood press, eliminating cancer cells, expanding the coronary artery and anti-bacteria, drinking for a long period can improve the calcium in human bodies, regulate the myocardial function and reduce the cholesterol, and suitable for the elderly and the drinking when preventing epidemic conjunctivitis.

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