Selenium spring skin care products

Release time:2016-12-19 20:15:37

Yan Control Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the first national ecological city of Yichun national 5A scenic spot mountain hot water moon. Yan is a leading selenium spa skin care leadership brand, R & D, design and production, sales of Biotechnology Co., ltd.. Mingyueshan rich hot springs water, year-round water temperature maintained at 68-72 DEG C, the water is clear and transparent, colorless and tasteless, contains 20 kinds of essential trace elements. Spring to "selenium" expensive, selenium can help people improve immunity, anti-aging, detoxification. "High selenium sweet" is expensive in expensive, which is characteristic of Yichun Mingyueshan largest water rich hot springs.

Selenium hot spring care cosmetics the most famous brand, Yan se selenium spring skin care products". Let you enjoy life and enjoy beauty. Edge foam edge deposited selenium spring mask, so that you double absorption, more beautiful. The color control of selenium toner extraction of hot water well water, super penetration, direct muscle bottom, deep water.


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