Mingyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine

Release time:2016-12-19 15:20:33



     Mingyue Mountain bamboo wine is produced from Mingyue Mountain scenic spot, with an elevation of about 1000 meters, one hundred thousand mu of flowing bamboo, a wild profusion of vegetation, stretches continuously. Mingyue Mountain is famous in the world for Se-enriching soil. Selenium bamboo wine chooses high quality sorghum puree wine, follows the ancestral steeping wine techniques, takes the moso bamboo cavities without any industrial pollution as the carriers, artificially injected into the bamboo cavities, raising wine in the bamboos, feeding wine with the bamboos, communing with the bamboos, like nature litself. For 3-5 years brewing, take the wine by chapping down the bamboos, the color and luster will be golden emerald, fragrant and mellow, soft and sweet, gladden people's hearts and a long finish. Moonyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine has multiple functions of mild-natured and warming the stomach, clearing the liver and boosting the spleen, promoting blood circulation and enriching the blood, smoothing the gas and relieving restlessness and helping digestion and producing saliva etc. Selenium bamboo wine is a pure green, the original ecology, high Se-enriching and pollution-free high-end drink. As everyone knows, bamboo leaves are polysaccharides, polyketides and antioxidant, Mingyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine fully absorbs the nature bamboo juice, and is rich in selenium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and other multiple vitamins and amino acid active ingredients. It is a type of original ecological health wine, and which is more fragrant, more pure and more environmentally friendly than white spirit.

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