Mingyue mountain tourist area

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Located 15km southwest of Yichun City which is rated as “livable cities in China”, “national garden city”, “national health city”, “national model city for afforesting ”, and “the best leisure health city in China” , Yichun Mingyueshan Tourism Area is a national park of China, national AAAAA tourist attraction, national forest park, national geological park, national natural heritage and one of new ten sceneries of Jiangxi Province. Its planning area is 104km2 and it includes the Scenic Spot under the Lake, Qingyun Scenic Spot, Taiping Mountain Scenic Spot, Yang Mountain Scenic Spot and Yujing Mountain Scenic Spot. It is themed by moon culture and mainly characterized by Zen culture and farming culture. It is a mountainous tourism area integrating “ecotourism, recreational resort and religious tourism”.

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      [Beautiful and charming natural scenery] Mingyue Mountain Tourist Resort is a humid subtropical monsoon climate, with strange landscape, mild temperature, the annual average temperature is 12-15 Deg.C, the annual average precipitation is 1800 - 2000mm, which is suitable for the growth of a variety of animal and plant, and there is laudatory title of "natural botanical Garden". Because the original style protection, lush vegetation, so the air anion concentration is up to more than 70 k per cubic centimeter, which is 35 times to the national standard, known as the "natural oxygen bar". Scenic under the Lake is now under the development, there are million hectares of verdant bamboo forest, you may feel fresh while walking through the bamboo forest, waterfalls with five-stacked have spectacle of different patterns and features, including "cloud Valley waterfall" 119.57 meters in length, is the Jiangxi highest waterfall, "Linglong waterfall", "scale waterfall", "ERON waterfall" and "flying chain waterfall" is unique and beautiful.

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      [Zen culture has a long history] the first year of Tang Huichang (841 DC), Hui Ji Zen master the founder of one of the five China's Buddhism Zen  created Xiyin temple in Yang Shan (Taiping Xingguo temple). Since one thousand years of Buddhist activities are endless stretch, Wei Yang sect Communication is around the world, It becomes China's ancient Buddhist Jungle Resort, India, Xinluo state (now the Korean Peninsula) and Japan etc.. Celebrity sages are often attracted to visit; they left many stele and cliff inscription. On the site of the temple still full Millennium ancient ginkgo trees and the surrounding more than 100 stupa from Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties has witnessed the history. In order to repair and restore Habitat Hidden Temple, in charged by the president of the Buddhist Association of Chinese-master Yicheng, Qiyin temple is completed its reconstruction in September 2011. Scene of auspicious clouds around the temple, Zhong Qing wake up morning appear in the valley. The completion of International Hot Spring Zen Center, will made the Yangshan a Sanctum for visitors to washing dust; purify the soul with hot spring of Zen.


      [Farming culture ancient and thick] Mingyue Mountain farming culture has a long history; the word "terrace" was first came from the Yangshan in moon hill. "Heavenly Creations" is a Chinese ancient agriculture science and Technology Encyclopedia Known as the seventeenth Century encyclopedia The author Song Yingxing is from Yichun, "Heavenly Creations garden" which is under the construction It makes "Heavenly Creations" an ancient farming technology, traditional handmade participation show, Chinese farming culture edifying experience paradise in one, "Heavenly Creations" has three parts: Show hall, sightseeing and participation hall, deduction shows hall. Interpretation of ancient agriculture, manual civilization of science and technology with modern ways to fully tap the culture of emphasizing agriculture in Yichun combined with modern tourism teaching through travelling, teaching with interest.


      Moon Mountain tourist area combines the moon culture and religion culture, farming culture together, to create a realm of mountain and moon, religion and moon, spring and moon, farming and moon connection, It is a pearl of Jiangxi tourism development

      Love me; take me to Mingyue mountain! Amorous Moon Mountain warmly welcomes friends for sightseeing, tourism, leisure and vacation!

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