Reservoir scenery in Shui Kou village

Release time:2016-12-19 15:33:29


Shui Kou village locates in Wentang town, and is famous in Wentang for its hilltop reservoir, in the reservoir scenery of Wentang Shui Kou village, there are fragrances among the mountains, luxuriant forests and tall bamboos, cirro-nebula, verdant of unrivalled beauty, fresh air, and the anion content on the mountains is high, which is batter than a fairyland on earth and land of idyllic beauty, the spring water is continuous all the year around, is the rare Se-enriching spring water both at home and abroad, known as the world's spunk-water, integrated with the poetry and Chan rhyme of the leisurely landscape, and will bring people with a feeling of quiet and easy.


         To drive a car can directly from Wentang to Shui Kou village reservoir scenery, here is not only a good choice for avoiding summer heat and leisure vacation and playing in the countryside in summer, but also a good place for gathering with the families and friends, still is a good place for the date between the lover and spouse; With friends drinking tea and taking, eating melons, avoiding summer heat and admire the moon and lakes. Lovers walk here hand in hand, with sweet words and talk with each other about the love, and let you carefree and leisure among the mountains and rivers.

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