Kuang Liao hot spring amusement park

Release time:2016-12-19 15:31:50


Kuang Liao hot spring amusement park is the brand hot spring project developed and promoted to the market by the landscape hot spring sanatorium of Jiangxi Geological and Mineral Bureau. Sources of water are adopted with the world's rare 400 meters deep underground Se-enriching pure nature hot spring in the sanatorium, the water temperature is 72℃,which contains the necessary more than 20 multiple minerals and trace elements, and can be honored as" the Chinese first hot spring".

The floor area of this park is more than 6000 square meters, design novel, rational layout and unique function, and is divided as indoor and outdoor. There are built with an international standard indoor hot spring swimming pool with the length of 25 meters*12 meters and the width of 1.6~2.2 meters, and an outdoor hot spring swimming pool with the length of 41meters*17meters and the width of 0.6~1.2 meters(which are suitable for women, children and the beginners of swimming).

Services provided by the leisure center including: back rubbing, medicament foot bath, hair washing, blind medical massage, health care and massage, foot massage, beauty and tea bar, snack, square leisure and etc. The hot spring amusement park is equipped with lawn audios and all kinds of advanced design and unique style lighting, and which has created a charming night beautiful picture.

When you walk into the hot spring amusement park, the amusing and healthy hot spring hydrotherapy, hot spring swimming, hot spring series of medicine pools, will accompany you to synchronize with happiness and health, really experience lots of fun and magical effects of Wengtang hot spring bringing to you, as if to enter the heaven on earth, let you feel the infinite dynamic and  infinite charm of Kuang Liao of Wentang hot spring in every aspect, and enjoy yourself to the favor of the magical nature brings to you.


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