Heavenly creations park

Release time:2016-12-19 15:35:08


    Mingyue Mountain heavenly creations park is located in Mingyue Mountain tourist area, based on the scientific monumental work "Heavenly creations" of the scientist Song Yingxing in the Ming Dynasty, to build a theme park with the goal of a experiential cultivation culture and leisure tourist destination, the area can be divided as exhibition area, experience tourism area, cultural leisure area and tourist service center.


The exhibition museum accounted for 25% of  the total area, displaying the essential contents of "Heavenly creations", including the introduction of Song Yingxing's lifetime; reflecting farming and manufacturing technologies, subsidiary agricultural products manufacturing technology recorded in the book; reflecting the enormous importance of this book on the history;


introducing the enlightening function of this book on the later generations, and the scientific function of "Heavenly creations" at that time. Enormous roles;

Introducing the enlightening function of this book on the later generations, as well as the scientific function of "Heavenly Creations" at that time. Various display forms including: sculpture, sand table, picture, material object, video and models etc. Tour participation museum accounted for 45% of the total area, which is the main body of the whole building group, there are more than 30 projects produced from the states of life and labor in the agricultural civilization era, such as handicraft industry: weaving straw sandals, scissor-cutting and  embroidery etc; Labor: brick making, tile making, spinning, grass linen waving, iron forging, paper making etc; food processing: fried glutinous pudding producing, sugar cake frying, bean curd making, sweet potato pill frying and rice dumpling wrapping etc; Tourist participation: tread water lift wheel, hand water wheel, buhrimill rice milling, oil manufacture, windmill fan grain, the expo pavilion of performance of fishing and fish catching accounted for 30% of the total area, has two performing pavilions, one is for old stage literature performing, and one is for folk custom performing.


There is an old stage in the old stage performance pavilion, is about 200 square meters, 200-300 tourists can be held for resting and watching under the stage, simple and unsophisticated style of this pavilion, which similar to the style of Beijing Lao She teahouse; The old stage performance pavilion is surrounded by wooden fences for performing, is about 300 square meters, one of sides is against the wall, and the other three sides are available for tourists watching, the tourist watching area is in slope shape of three sides, so the tourists shall overlook to get thee watching effect, the tourist watching area is suggested to be held with about 1000 people. This pavilion is the recreation site of the entire "Heavently Creations Park" for watching the plays. In the pavilion there are not only electric tea clippers, the three stars drum, Tao Tsing, storytelling, Chunluo and other traditional operas and Quyi performances, but also the participatory performance of imitating acting as the queen, and the imitation of choosing number one scholars, as well as the performance of the ancient nuo dance and local dragon dance, play fish lamp etc folk performances.


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