Wengtang ancient well

Release time:2016-12-19 15:27:24

Wengtang ancient well is a spring well, which was built by Chan master Dingyun in the Southern Song Dynasty, has already been over one thousand years of history. The annual hot spring water temperature is 68~72°C,is the world's curious low salinity short spring, and rich in selenium and other trace elements which are beneficial to human body. For the current developed springs in the world, there are two springs belong to the type of "high selenium and low sulphur": one is French "Eckes" mineral spring, it is a cold spring, nd the other "high selenium and low sulphur" spring is Chinese Yichun Wentang hot spring.

The ancient well hot spring belongs to the sinian system of migmatite structure hot spring, the water quality is clear and transparent, colorless and tasteless, low sulphur and high selenium content and drinkable and bathable, it is rare both at home and abroad. The ancient well hot spring formation is the new late Proterozoic Eon, belongs to the infancy of earth life, known as "Algae age", and the geologic age is about 8-570 million years.


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